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WebQI is an online Quality Improvement service.

If you want to have a look at it, it is here.

Initially focused on application in health care, WebQI was developed in response to the growing burden of data collection and analysis that health care professionals and organisations are expected to deal with.

WebQI simplifies the data collection and process, leaving more resources available to interpret the information that is collected. A core component of WebQI is a generic data collection framework that allows:

  • easy specification of data collection
  • automated reporting functions
  • group reporting / comparison reporting
  • self organisation of groups

Rather than explaining WebQI in detail, it is easier if you have a look at it for yourself.

ACF database and App - CPMEC Feasibility Study

On behalf of CPMEC (The Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils) Intelsoft is undertaking a feasibility study on the development of a database and App for their Australian Curriculum Framework for Junior Doctors (ACF). The study includes a scoping design which will outlines the specifications to describe the construction of an online system that can capture individual data entered via a web or App.

The study also includes a costing model for both the construction and ongoing maintenance of the electronic platform for the ACF. The current website for the ACF is here.


WebQI in use at St Vincent's Private Hospital, Melbourne

WebQI is being used as a platform to implement the Quality In Action program at St Vincent's Private Hospital, Melbourne (SVPHM).

Developed by Affinity PL, the program is a front line focused program utilised at SVPHM to build staff engagement and continuous improvement in all functions and at all levels of the organisation.

One of the key elements is the use of visual management tools.  Key functions of these tools includes enabling teams to keep track of issues and actions and enabling teams and managers to track and trend measures and identify improvement opportunities.

The electronic implementation of these tools involved a collaboration between Intelsoft, Affinity and SVPHM staff.

A key aspect of the implementation was the development of innovative User Interface tools and components, which enable quick and easy recording of data combined with powerful reporting and summary functions.


RALS data collection video

The RALS team at Monash Health have specified a WebQI project that tracks the status of a patient as they transfer to Subacute.

A demonstration video has been put up on vimeo, here.

The video shows how to use the WebQI RALS data collection project:

  • Add a patient
  • Update the status of patients in the list
  • View the current Status Reports.

It is demonstrated on an iPad, which will be the principle input device used. It is similar in other browsers - Internet Explorer and Firefox, etc.


Conference Presentation on LOS Management in WebQI

An oral presentation at The Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting, June 2013  discussed Length Of Stay management within WebQI. The paper was 'Length of stay management in a subacute service within the activity based funding framework' / Barbara Workman and Keith Stockman.

The page shows all presentations, so search for 'WebQI' to find the paper itself.

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