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WebQI is an online Quality Improvement service.

If you want to have a look at it, it is here.

Initially focused on application in health care, WebQI was developed in response to the growing burden of data collection and analysis that health care professionals and organisations are expected to deal with.

WebQI simplifies the data collection and process, leaving more resources available to interpret the information that is collected. A core component of WebQI is a generic data collection framework that allows:

  • easy specification of data collection
  • automated reporting functions
  • group reporting / comparison reporting
  • self organisation of groups

Rather than explaining WebQI in detail, it is easier if you have a look at it for yourself.

RALS data collection video

The RALS team at Monash Health have specified a WebQI project that tracks the status of a patient as they transfer to Subacute.

A demonstration video has been put up on vimeo, here.

The video shows how to use the WebQI RALS data collection project:

  • Add a patient
  • Update the status of patients in the list
  • View the current Status Reports.

It is demonstrated on an iPad, which will be the principle input device used. It is similar in other browsers - Internet Explorer and Firefox, etc.


Conference Presentation on LOS Management in WebQI

An oral presentation at The Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting, June 2013  discussed Length Of Stay management within WebQI. The paper was 'Length of stay management in a subacute service within the activity based funding framework' / Barbara Workman and Keith Stockman.

The page shows all presentations, so search for 'WebQI' to find the paper itself.


Patient Location now automatically updated: extended HL7 integration

WebQI is now capable of close integration with a hospital PAS. A WebQI HL7 listener can now receive any broadcast messages from a PAS and process them appropriately.

At Monash Health, this integration has resulted in:

  • Immediate updates to patient location (i.e. ward and bed).
  • Discharges are immediately indicated on active WebQI records.
  • Admissions to a speciality are placed on that Units 'Quick Pick' list: a WebQI record can be created from this list with a single click.

This integration follows from the earlier HL7 messaging, which allows a query of patient demographics for a given patient. This can be used to partially populate a patient record.


Length Of Stay Review and Management

WebQI now includes Length Of Stay (LOS) Management and Review functionality. The functionality has been deployed within Subacute units at Monash Health.

The expected data of discharge is recorded after initial review of a patient's admission - this is a clinical assessment that is determined after discussion within the clinical team.

The FIM (Functional Impairment Measure) score on admission (and discharge) is also recorded. This allows a determination of an expected length of stay. This expected LOS is in comparison to a national cohort.

At suitable intervals (eg. fortnightly), the LOS of all patients is reviewed. The patients are listed in priority order, with those patients whose LOS is above a threshold listed first.

The functionality is being expanded to include ANSNAC classifications, in direct association with a patient's impairment.

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