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Online HL7 Viewer

You can access the online HL7 viewer here.

The viewer allows you to paste in a HL7 message, which is then parsed and presented in breakdown. The names of the fields, segments, etc are shown.

It is intended as a means of quickly assessing a message. Its particularly helpful when you need to look at unfamiliar message types, as the schema lookup is done for you.


Issue Tracking

Issue tracking is managed using flyspray. Some of our flyspray projects can be seen at:

Some of the projects are private and can not be viewed. 

Flyspray has the following functionality:

Ÿ         Allows task tracking

Ÿ         email notification (cutomisable)

Ÿ         comments

Ÿ         range of task descriptors available

Ÿ         date tracking

Ÿ         project tracking

Ÿ         task status

Ÿ         task status querying

Ÿ         task categories, state, type etc al customisable

Ÿ         RSS feeds

Ÿ         Allows online access

Ÿ         Allows users to register themselves, or to require an administrator to manage users and user groups.

Ÿ         Task history (changes can be compared)

Ÿ         open source (ie, cost is in time invested, but can be modified)

Ÿ         customisable reminders

Ÿ         tasks can be linked to each other


Source Control

Source control is managed using subversion. Subversion allows source code to be tracked throughout development and multiple developers to contribute to the code base at the same time.

A central source code is created, from which working checkouts can be established. Backup is simplified through the use of the centralized repository.


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